Born in paris, i have completed my formal studies between France, Barbados and England. After graduating with a BA in photography from Blackpool college, Lancaster University UK, i assisted fashion photographers for about 6 years between France and America before starting a photographer’s career of my own.

My work is about projecting an imaginary upon an existing situation. I am interested into creating images which are at the boundary of documentary photography and a world of my own, while trying to conserve the human and social context of each protagonist. I am very much interested into the profound relationship existing in between people and places. Exploring unfamiliar qualities of the human body form and finding beauty in strange things. the photographs she creates reflect her vision of beauty.

In 2007 I happened to be in Kenya six months before the terrible political riots that the country was about to encounter. Despite their different tribal background and sometimes alarming living conditions, all the people i met and photographed seemed to live peacefully together. Sadly, it was only a matter of time before social unrest broke out in Kenya and targeted ethnic violence ensued.

« My work is about projecting an imaginary upon an existing situation. »