My work is a series of documentary portraits based on random encounters.
Encounters without prejudice or judgement. I find that people are genuinely funny
and kind and with my work I try to show the good in everyone.
Carl Bull

Travelled about an hour away to another town and didn’t take a single photo. Felt a bit bummed out and creatively burnt. Drove home and went to the local shop when this guy Nick asked me a favour. Could I buy him a beer from the shop because he was barred, I asked him to do me a favour and let me take his photo. A fair trade I say. We hung out chatting about where we both grew up. sound guy. he liked the photos too.

Of all the days to meet this guy Chris. Chris was walking along next to me when we started talking. I said i like his tattooes, so then he lifted his top up to show me his giant England tattoo. I told him he had to let me take his portrait. He had no problem. I asked him how he ended up in Derby as hes from a little town a bit away. He told me how he was involved in quite a famous case where he was burgled and tied up, stabbed and tortured for 74 hours. He showed me his wounds. The 2 culprits got 6 and 4 years. Unfortunately due to shitty beurocracy and admin Chris was housed with one of his attackers in a hostel recently, which is a shockingly shit situation.

Met this guy Caine yesterday. My friend knows him through skating, he ended up coming out for drinks where he had some extreme views on the whole Weinstein crimes and women in general.

Aimee is involved in wrestling at the local community where I live. It’s not regarded as a nice area to live so anything positive for the kids and the community is a good thing. We spoke about how it’s getting more and more difficult to run these types of places and that programmes and community centres are shutting left right and centre. I previously photographed her husband Ben…. between them they have one or two tattoos if you look hard enough.

Drove up North today, parked my car got out and saw this dude straight away. His name was Brad, a real nice guy and handsome as hell to boot. I’m always a bit envious when I meet people with face and neck tattoos as my job means I can’t go above the collar or the wrists. I asked him when he got his first one and he said two years ago, which means he’s gone balls out full throttle to get where he is now in such a short time. So respect to that. He’s also a crazy talented artist and is getting into tattooing too. Go check out his work @yungharmless

This is Glen. I met him a few years back when I didn’t have my proper camera on me. He didn’t remember me from last time and since then his healths gone down hill a bit, dealing with some pretty bad ulcers on his legs and he was struggling to walk. He told me the biggest problem was that his favourite pub was at the top of the hill. I walked up with him and took this photo mid way.

Every day on my way to work at 7:40 I drive past this guy. He’s always in a patch of woodland park area opposite an industrial estate. Today I thought, right, screw it. I’m gonna stop and talk to him. Turns out this guy is called Jed and he lives in a bush next to the canal. He used to work at the scrap merchant but then his wife died and he ended up losing his home. They moved him to a YMCA but there were loads of drugs and he has never touched a drug In his life so he’d rather be on the streets/Woods. Jed had recently lost his leg to gangrene. I asked him if he needed anything to which he happily replied that he had everything he needed whilst patting his carrier bag of beer and biscuits. The canal is a beautiful spot but I hope he’s in a better place by winter.

I met Chris the other day. I first noticed him because I liked his hair as it had that Keifer Sutherland Lost Boys vibe going on. Then I complimented him on his cool shark neck tattoo. Found out Chris was had lost his job where he worked, All the staff got laid off. We talked about films for a while too as the day before Chris had been begging and made the 25 quid it costs for a room, but decided to go watch the new Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson movie Skyscraper which he said was brilliant.