photographer : Lakin Ogunbanwo at Handsome Production
all styles
 : Keneth Ize SS19
stylist : Jay Young Baek
Hair and make up : Hwang Ryung Kyung
model : Han Hyun Min
executive producer : Lisa Shin


Lakin Ogunbanwo was working out of Seoul throughout the summer and we came up with a photo story idea on diversity…

The story is all about Han Hyun Min a 17 year old Nigerian / Korean. Han is fast becoming a star in Korea. In 2017, Time magazine named him as one of the 30 most in uential teen. He is since a global fashion phenomenon with features in international magazines and campaigns with brand such as Nike. Regardless of the interest and fame that surrounds Han he has had to deal with racism from a very early age. Parents of his schoolfriends would ban their children from playing with him. In the past few months at Seoul International airport he was held by Korean immigration who did not believe that he was Korean.

We thought it would be interesting to see him re-approriating his Nigerian heritage in the street of Seoul by wearing clothes by rising star of african fashion Kenneth Ize also nigerian (Kenneth uses traditional nigerian weaving methods use to make Aso Oke: a hand loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria as well traditional dye process)

So we imagine this shoot, a bit like a jazz soundtrack “The Re- birth of Cool”… At night, with Han interacting in the city neon lights and blending in wearing Kenneth SS19 collection.