Lara Giliberto is an italian photographer currently based in Paris.
Her work is always aiming to convey a vision of the body and the garment.
Her look is set in between the power and the accuracy of her shots that appear
technical and sexual at the same time.
The main idea of this work was to convey a sense of derangement
in the act of wearing.
Laying the clothes on the body overlapping them as a second
skin or shifting their common place on the body itself is questionning
this simple process covering.
The model becomes the support for an installation that
sublimates into a sculptural and graphic abstraction.


photographer : Lara Giliberto
photographer assistant : Aline Diot / Carmen Woreth
styling : Giulia  Querenghi @moon mgmt
make up : Masae Ito
hair : Chiao Chenet
model : Lea Hayat @girl mgmt


developed by Soft Source / Patryk Kaplita