Steve Hiett


Since the late 1960’s Steve Hiett has been capturing the changing
world of fashion through his distinctive, eye-catching photography.
Saturated with color, lit by dazzling flash work, and often
off center, Hiett’s photographs contain brillantly composed worlds.
They tell stories, and the stories change with time.
Wether it’s 1970’s Miami, France
in the 1980’s, or New York at the end of
the 20th century, Hiett creates an of-the-moment impression that fells
neither contrived or self conscious.
« I have always tried to make images that were personal to
me sometimes it works and sometimes it works and sometimes
when you have a client with specific brief it can be difficult
and one produces something that is just
not good i try and minimise those occasions the best
pictures always appear when you and your client are surprised
apart from that a lot of my best pictures are simply beautiful mistakes. »


photographer : Steve Hiett