Born in singapore, shawn paul tan has spent the last few years as a young photographer in london. shawn attended london college of fashion at the university of arts london under the tutelage of mark lebon, having received a bachelor’s degree in fashion photography, he is now a freelance photographer practicing in london.

Shawn paul’s professional practice is based on the ephemeral and emotional, focusing on translating the metaphysical qualities within his models into images. his images are dreamlike and poetic; underpinned by his love for the trance-like experiences of our dreams and lucid memory. Inspired by abstract expressionism, mood is a big part of his images, bringing forth primitive emotional responses from his viewers through the use of colors, lighting and poise in his photographs. his body of work includes fashion, beauty and advertising, his personal approach to photography is experimental and spans across multiple media – employing an art direction that mixes both analogue and digital without relying on heavy manipulation; his analogue techniques are all manual while his use of digital media seeks to blur the lines between the two, this is particularly evident in his project called sanguine a mixed media project that explores our cultural and personal perception of memory and lucidity in a print book and film. Shawn paul has been featured in international publications and media including dazed & confused, revs, marie claire & gq and is currently based in london.