Suddenly, I couldn’t see any particular reason why, Texas started to magnetize me. I guess I had followed my path for too long and needed to fall down into someone else’s passion, find a way to get lost again. There were 2 areas I could spot in that strong attraction. The painful, hot & labor intensive BBQ business filled with silent and brave pit masters. Skateboarders in their kingdom, their local skatepark.

That’s how I feel when I meet people who dedicate their life to their passion. Whatever the passion is. I get lost trying to embrace how much work, how many attempts to get there they went through. That’s what I am after, that particular deep feeling. At some point, aspiring pro-skateboarders & pitmasters meet somewhere in my mind: where I start getting lost contemplating their passion. I picture myself trying. What if I was one of them? What if I would quit everything and start that life? Is it too late? Where would I start? Do I really want it? How can I be so sure about it? I see so much beauty in it. Every material detail encountered in their life becomes a gate to their world, their passion. Like a wrench always in the same pocket of a bagpack. Or a Sharpied box where salt & pepper are stored in a kitchen.

Shooting analog helps me staying in the image I am trying to capture. All along the way, the massive, endless and wide road helps. There is no way one can know it all. Of course, GPS has nothing to do about it. You can get lost although you know exactly where you are. After a couple of hours lonely on the road, your mind is gone just about as far as the distance you drove. This helps too, in the getting lost process. Also, I think my attraction to the big infinite Texas has something to do with freedom.With a freedom I got to choose. Or instead a burden I got to choose. I am choosing to chase that passion like a slave while I am no longer suffering from mine in Paris. I get to choose why and what I am chasing. But just one has do go down his skateboard or has to put out a fire, I had to fly back at some point. Reminding me of the beauty behind passion helped me taking a step back on my mine and why I, more than ever, I still wanted to dig deeper.